Winjet – 3-in-1 Cigar Cutter

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The metal cigar cutter Winjet is a triple combination of three cigar tools in one body. A double-edged cigar cutter with two options for cutting cigars, the classic straight S-cut or the V-cut into a V shape can be useful. Cutting cigars into a V shape is becoming popular again, as such cutting can not only improve the drag of the cigar, but above all change – improve the taste when smoking it. The depth of the V-cut can be up to 7 mm. In the lower part of the Winjet cutter we find a chipper with a diameter of 7 mm. The cutter blades made of high-quality steel guarantee a perfect sharp cut. The trimmer is given a luxurious appearance in a glossy black design in combination with elements in shiny chrome. In addition, the surface of the cutter is decorated with recessed screws and the Winjet logo. By squeezing the left side with the blades, the trimmer “unlocks” and is ready for use. The cigar cutter comes in a velvet bag and a Winjet gift box.

Maximum diameter of cigar hole for straight cut (S-cut): 22 mm
Maximum diameter of the V-cut cigar hole: 21 mm
Dimensions of the trimmer when closed (W x D x H): 47 x 12 x 79 mm
Dimensions of the cutter open (W x D x H): 71 x 12 x 79 mm

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