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Rudman’s Pocket Guide to Cigars Book

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Rudman’s Pocket Guide to Cigars by Rudman – Fourth Edition on how to find, select and smoke cigars.

  • This totally revised fourth edition: More accessible with expanded sections and new presentation.
  • The only listing of every known Cuban cigar exported since 2000, with cross-reference to size.
  • Details recently discontinued Cuban brands.
  • Gives a personal appraisal of 165 Cuban cigars.
  • Includes all Cuban box markings and box codes from 1985 to the present.
  • Lists, additionally, thousands of hand-made and machine-made cigars covering 534 brands, made in 24 countries.
  • Over 800 of these have been star-rated.
  • Indexes cigars of the world country by country.
  • Itemises names and addresses of 424 leading stockists in 46 countries spread over the globe.
  • Provides a comprehensive temperature/humidity conversion chart.
  • Details the current state of the two biggest cigar companies in the world, together with their appropriate brands.
  • Contains a Quick Reference to Cigar Terms that includes 123 definitions, many with illustrations.
  • Informs on leaf growing and manufacture, smoking qualities, wrapper identification by colour, ageing and storing practices etc.
  • Is aimed at the cigar tyro and aficionado alike and will continue to enrich the cigar world.
  • Contains under one cover more information about cigars than any other publication.

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Theo Rudman, a name synonymous throughout the world with cigars and South Africa's most prominent cigar aficionado. Among his many other accomplishments, Rudman is author of Rudman's Complete Pocket Guide To Cigars in its fourth edition and sold in 16 countries and of Rudman's Cigar Buying Guide, sold exclusively in the United States. In addition, he is the founding editor of Cigarstyle, a top quality South African quarterly lifestyle magazine A management consultant by profession, he also ran, for 10 years, the Self Employment Institute, a non-profit organisation dedicated to teaching entrepreneurial skills to unemployed people. As an aid in this teaching, he wrote the best selling The Mini Business Manual, a book which sets out the basic requirements in running a small business. He has also written The Third World - South Africa's Hidden Wealth, now accepted as a standard work, outlining the vast potential existing in the informal sector and pinpointing the major economic forces waiting to be unleashed. His full and varied life has included a long period of newspaper and magazine journalism. Rudman is a connoisseur in the true sense of the word.
He is knowing and knowledgeable on what he likes and what he likes are the good things in life. He is a leading South African lecturer on ports and their production and, to prove he is not purely a theorist, he produces an exclusive Rudman’s Port. He is deputy chairman of the South African Port Producer's Association. He pioneered cigar dinners at the Grande Roche Hotel where they have been held regularly since 1994. In October 1995 he assisted in the founding of the first exclusive cigar club in Johannesburg and now runs five Good Living Cigar Clubs in Cape Town, Paarl, Johannesburg, Pretoria and Durban. In 1998 he was the first recipient of the annual PGC. Hajenius Cigar Luminary of the Year award in South Africa. In February 1999 Rudman was invited to speak at the Habanos 2000 International Symposium on Cigars, held in Havana. He was the only speaker from the Southern Hemisphere. He also created the "Rudman Collection" - an exclusive range of cigar accessories sold in top shops around the world including Harrods in London and the prestigious PGC Hajenius shop in Amsterdam.

At the beginning of 2001 he published his on-line magazine that has already has become an indispensable source for thousands who want to keep abreast of what is happening with cigars and events around the world. During the past six years he has consulted to various cigar importers and retailers, both locally and abroad. He has conducted cigar training sessions and cigar dinners in many parts of the world and is recognized as a leading international expert on cigars.


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