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Tennis Player – Forchino

Unique, limited series of ironic and funny figurines of the French Guilermo Forchino artist-satirist.

Every figurine is holding the certificate confirming the originality as well as is packed into original paper with imprints of the history of the artist and his artistic work.

This wonderful object can constitute the exceptional gift for your family and friends, or the unique ornament of every inside granting historical character him truly.


Forchino Tennis Player (FO85511)

Material: poli resin, wax however body parts and clothes are made from delicate, colourful papier-mache.

The product has a shelf mark Guillermo Forchino, an Argentine artist who lives and works in Paris.

The cup that so many times he had dreamed of holding in his hands became a reality. Neither the sprained scapula nor tendinitis in the left arm had prevented obstinate Gustavo Lanzaro from raising the trophy he had just won. The missiles at 249 km / h that could have sent him his opponent had managed to break four strings but not his mental strength.

His trainer, the famous Spaniard Pepe Galleta, inspired by the famous Serrano ham, made him follow for a year, a strict diet forcing him to eat only and exclusively acorns. These hard months of training had been terrible but, in the face of the excellent result, such a sacrifice was justified. The only unpleasant thing was that bestial breath that had remained to him and a pronounced aversion to the Iberian ham.

Each piece is marked with an authentication stamp and numbered individually.

A certificate of originality completes the whole.

20 x 17,5 x 44 cm.


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