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Davidoff Year of the Rabbit 2023

Davidoff – Year of the Rabbit 2023

The Story

Refined Character In Undiscovered Depths

Amongst all the colour and blast of New Year, the gentle and quiet Rabbit may at first go unnoticed. For the likeable Rabbit displays both charm and caution. But do not be fooled, they are always, always alert. The merest scent of a fine cigar, for instance, will set their nose twitching. And then you will become aware of the Rabbit’s more dynamic virtues.

Speed of thought and action, a quick intelligence. For what the Rabbit lacks in the build they make up for in ingenuity. You can be sure they will be at the centre of the celebrations as the Rabbit is never left behind. And once there, they can spread their legendary grace and generosity.

Unsurprisingly, they are highly thought of by others and often thought highly of by themselves.

So, while they appear to be mild to start with, there is much more intense complexity to them.

As it is with each cigar in this excellent limited edition. The experience starts softly but then imagination and elegance take over and you swiftly travel through the refined and subtle flavours from tobaccos of four origins. A journey of undiscovered pleasure after undiscovered pleasure. And one best taken in the company of the Rabbit.

An enchanting companion, a lively mind and the sharpest of senses when it comes to the more sophisticated things in life.

Year of the Rabbit Limited Edition 2023

The Year of the Rabbit Limited Edition marks the eleventh execution of Davidoff’s yearly celebration of a Chinese zodiac. This year’s edition comes in a smart-looking box of ten perfecto cigars that once again redefines the standard of luxury product packaging.

Like the Rabbit’s personality, the box’s lacquered exterior is elegantly calm and does not yet reveal the depth it holds inside. Its lid tastefully displays the Year of the Rabbit icon. The Year of the Rabbit pattern, inspired by a rabbit’s gentle and steady hops, is visibly raised across the lid.

Upon opening the box, aficionados will first see an inner wood panel in line with the box’s design. It not only protects the cigars, but also enhances the excitement of unboxing the Limited Edition for the first time. Underneath the panel, the inside of the wooden box is reminiscent of a rabbit warren with interlinked sections for the ten perfecto cigars.

The blend of the Limited Edition consists of well-aged filler tobaccos with an average maturity of 4,5 years. This highly anticipated Year of the Rabbit Limited Edition will please loyal aficionados and collectors around the world.

Limited to 19,200 boxes worldwide.

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Taste Experience

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The constantly changing complex flavours of the Davidoff Year of the Rabbit pair exceptionally well with a fruity and complex cocktail, such as a Cranberry Old Fashioned.

The cigar’s main aromas pepper, leather and cacao perfectly mingle with the fruity and the robust wooden, malty and leathery notes of the drink.

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